x St. Stephen's Chapel, Stanley

A daughter church of
St. John's Anglican / Episcopal Cathedral
Hong Kong

Welcome to St. Stephen's

St Stephen’s is a beautiful church set in the lovely grounds of St Stephen’s College, Stanley, on the south side of Hong Kong Island.
We are an Anglican / Episcopal Church, a daughter church of St John’s Cathedral, in the diocese of Hong Kong Island, and this is also the school chapel of St Stephen’s College.

Our multi-national congregation includes families, couples and singles, young and old, and people from many different church backgrounds.
We meet at 9.30am every Sunday to celebrate our service of Holy Communion. This is our central act of worship that brings us together before God to explore and grow in the Christian faith. You are very welcome to come and join us. We hope you will find a spiritual home here.

Our Priest-in-charge, the Revd. Will Newman, is active in the clergy team at St John’s Cathedral, as well as being the Anglican Chaplain at Stanley Prison, and School Chaplain for St. Stephen’s College.



Revd. Will Newman

Rev. Will Newman



Upcoming Events

Events at St. Stephen’s Chapel and St John’s Cathedral
Sunday Services at St. Stephen’s are at 9.30am every week. The first Sunday of the month is a Family Communion, on the other Sundays during term time there’s Sunday School for children age 3-12. Check the Cathedral website for full details of all their services and events.


Sunday, April 13th


Palm Sunday 9.30am  St Stephen’s Stanley Passion Play. The story of the last week of Jesus’ life, from the crowds welcoming him into Jerusalem, to the Last Supper and the Crucifixion, told in drama with everyone taking part

Thursday, April 17th


Maunday Thursday 8pm  The Last Supper – and a new commandment, love one another. On this night Jesus had supper with his disciples, broke bread and shared wine – our holy communion. He then washed his disciples’ feet as a sign that we should serve each other. On this holy night we commemorate the last night before the crucifixion

Friday, April 18th


Good Friday 10am  Children make an Easter Garden and hear the Easter story retold.
11am  Stations of the Cross. We follow the traditional stages of Jesus’ journey from his trial to his death on the cross.
1.30pm Service at the Cathedra

Sunday, April 20th

Easter Sunday - 9:30am Easter Family Communion, with lillies, the new Easter candle, and joyful Easter hymns to celebrate the Resurrection!




A Prayer for St Stephen’s Chapel

God our heavenly Father,
Make the doors of this Chapel wide enough to receive all who need love and fellowship,
And narrow enough to shut out all pride and lack of love;
Here may the sorrowing receive comfort,
The penitent be assured of your mercy,
And may all your children renew their strength and go on their way in hope and joy;
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.